Health Check

For TCC building arrivals.


  • All TCC employees and students engaged in work and instructional programming must complete this form on arrival. NOTE: The health check departure form is no longer required and is no longer available. 
  • You can use a laptop or mobile device to complete the form.
  • Please complete the form before you enter the building. You are no longer required to submit this form with 24 hours notice. But please fill out before you arrive on campus. NOTE: The paper pre-check-in form will no longer be available. This is the form to complete. 
  • If you are unwilling to complete the form, please do not enter the TCC building.

Health Check Form

Why does this form need to be completed?

The State of Washington requires us to collect this information for purposes of contact tracing. This information will only be used in the event contact tracing is required. The use of this form will be discontinued when the State of Washington allows us to stop.