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Employees and Information Technology

Posted: 6/30/2022 12:43:45 PM

Hello Titans,


  I hope you are well and staying safe.  I intend this information to be useful for all employees, particularly supervisors and hiring managers.


  • If you have an existing position, and will have a new employee in that role, we ask that you contact us via ticket after the prior employee has left service, but well before the new employee begins work.  We will update and prepare the computer for the new person to have a smooth experience.  Perhaps you want to retain files or information, we can certainly help as long as we are made aware of the requirement before we prepare the computer.  Please request the service at least two weeks before the new employee’s start date.


  • Please notify the Information Technology department of intended changes in computer assignment and physical location prior to any change so that we can update our records.  Non-IT employees are prohibited from disconnecting or relocating technology without coordinating with an IT support person.


  • You must budget and acquire technology for new positions.  We have standard devices and can provide quotes upon request, but you must complete the requisition process.  It is recommended you begin procurement during the hiring process in order to allow for extended lead times.  We require up to two weeks to configure and place devices.  We may have devices on hand and able to provide an upfront loan in order to get your employee provisioned while we wait for your order to arrive.  This is not guaranteed, as our inventory of unassigned devices is limited.


  • Each employee is limited to one computer (desktop or laptop) except for rare circumstances where it is necessary to have multiple devices (such as graphic design, video editing, music production).  This limit does not include non-Windows supplemental devices (such as an iPad).  In the past desktop computers were the standard for employees, but the campus has been migrating to mobile devices with docking stations onsite for greater flexibility.


  • Do not connect or attach personally-owned technology to college-owned computers.  If you require technology please reach out to the IT department here.


  • Connecting a personally-owned device to the campus wired network is prohibited.  Please connect to the “TITAN Public” Wi-Fi for such devices.  If an employee has an issue connecting their personal device to the public Wi-Fi please contact Tony Solari at asolari@tacomacc.edu or call him at 253-566-5167.