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Copier update and printer removal (3rd and final reminder)

Posted: 6/2/2022 8:23:43 AM

Hello TCC Community,


In April of 2021, IT worked with a vendor and performed an assessment of campus printing to create an inventory of devices and to gather usage data.  Our campus had a total of 280 printers and on average printed 4.2 million pages per year.  The TCC Leadership Team tasked IT with developing a proposal to standardize on a print management system, consolidate inventory, and create a consistent fleet.


The new fleet allows for energy and power savings, robust flexible printing and finishing options, redundancy, and more reliable devices.  Centralized management offers better support, an estimated 47% cost reduction in cost, visibility on print usage, and improved security when printing sensitive or private documents.


Because TCC is balancing TCC’s Shared Copier/Printer and Desktop Printer fleet, staff who previously had a printer on their desk will need to use the nearest Shared Printer/Copier located in work areas across the campus.  TCC has already discontinued any purchases of new non-supported printers or printer supplies.  Printers that become inoperable or exhaust supplies will be removed.  Beginning July 1st 2022, we will start removing all remaining printers, regardless of operability and supply status.


If you feel your printing needs are not being met, please contact the IT department to explore solutions,


Thank You


Shawn Locke

System Admin/Technological Minion

Tacoma Community College

p: (253)566.5107

a: 6501 S. 19th Street, Tacoma WA 98466

w: www.tacomacc.edu  e: slocke@tacomacc.edu