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Former Student Computer/Email Accounts

Posted: 2/19/2019 3:13:00 AM

We want to let you know of a change that will take place with regard to former TCC student email/computer accounts.  This change will NOT affect ctcLink access or current students, but only applies to TCC student email/computer accounts of former students who have not attended TCC for a period of time.  This change is necessary for the periodic account maintenance of our computer systems. 

This Spring, a student email/computer account lifecycle will be applied which will remove TCC computer and email access for former students who have not attended TCC for a period of time.  If a student has not enrolled for two consecutive, non-summer quarters, their TCC student email/computer account will be removed.  

It will be very easy for returning students to re-gain access to TCC computing resources.  If a student re-enrolls at TCC before email/computer account removal, the account will be not be removed.  If a student re-enrolls after their email/computer account removal, their access will be reinstated.  

Users of student email/computer accounts scheduled for removal will be given multiple notices months in advance before their access is removed and the opportunity to gain any assistance in the transition as necessary.