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Phone and voicemail scam attempts

Posted: 12/4/2018 1:49:00 PM

Hello Titans,


We have received reports of phone calls and voicemails claiming to be from Microsoft, McAfee, or other technical companies and service providers.  Much like an email phishing attempt, these messages may be compelling, and are designed to evoke a response.  Please be sure to reach out to the IT department if you find yourself in such a situation, and are feeling pressured to act or provide information.  Keep in mind that these companies would not be calling you directly, nor asking for a response or information.


Hackers will impersonate representatives from high profile organizations (e.g., Microsoft, McAfee, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) or entities such as the IRS or banks, and say that you have violated a term of service, have a problem with or virus on your PC or they want to verify information; all you have to do to fix it is to allow them to remote into your PC, send them payment, or provide personal information. 


Watch out for these scams!


Things to remember:

  1. Normally, organizations won’t call you first, nor ask you to verify information.
  2. If you receive a phone call or voicemail that you suspect is not legitimate, please contact the TCC IT Help Desk at 253.460.HELP (4357) or support@tacomacc.edu