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Restoring Network Services 9:15am 11/15/2017

Posted: 11/15/2017 9:14:00 AM

  The IT Team continues to remediate service disruptions caused by the recent power outage event.  They are currently restoring network service to Bldg 11 and estimate an hour until completion.

  Bldg 13 has reported a complete loss of network (phone and computer).  Bldg 16 is reporting intermittent loss of network (phone and computer) – with a  particular disruptions on the 3rd floor.  We are investigating potential network failures in specific locations in Bldg 7.

  There is widespread and continuing disruption to our campus Wi-Fi.

  Microsoft and TCC are both having issues with our O365 email access.  It is recommended that if you  cannot access email through the MyTCC Portal quick link that you attempt to access your email at “outlook.office365.com”.

  Various teams are validating our servers and the services they support, resolving issues as they are reported or detected.

  We apologize for the continued disruptions and are working as quickly as possible to restore services.

Thank you!