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Multimedia Classrooms

Posted: 10/4/2017 10:37:00 AM

Hello Titans,


We hope your Fall Quarter is off to a great start!  Just a reminder to please secure your Multimedia Classrooms when you are done instructing.  If you require assistance, or need to report an issue, please create a support request via the link below.  For an immediate need while using the classroom please call our Multimedia Classroom Helpline at 253-460-4335.


When using Multimedia Classrooms we ask the following:


1) Turn off the projector at the end of your session.

2) Lock the multimedia teaching lectern.

3) Ensure the classroom door is locked as you exit the room.

4) Please do not disconnect wires in the systems.


If you are a new user, or would just like a refresher course prior to using a Multimedia Classroom, please contact Shawn Locke slocke@tacomacc.edu (253-566-5107) – we are glad to meet with you at your convenience. We offer one-on-one training, and can arrange larger sessions as well.


Thank you!