Networking & Cyber Security

“TCC’s Networking and Cyber Security program curriculum provides the technical skills and knowledge for students who plan to enter the field of information security. If you want to be a Cyber Security Professional this is an excellent starting point!

Cyber Security is essential to effectively protecting our economy, businesses, organizations, and private information. Bank accounts, corporate websites, access to essential services, logistics, sensitive military communications, etc. are all vulnerable to cyber terrorism and attack. There is a dangerous shortage of skilled workers capable of defending against attacks and data breach in the United States. This places our digital information and infrastructure at risk. Cyber Crime is increasing at a rapid pace creating the need for trained cyber security professionals.”

Sergio Hernandez - Program Chair & Faculty
Jeremy Sims - Faculty

TCC’s Networking and Cyber Security program prepares students for careers in database administration, network administration and technical support with a focus on cyber security. Cyber security is essential to protecting our economy, businesses, government and private information.

The program includes technical core courses providing hands-on knowledge and skills in systems, data, networking and security concepts; and non-technical core courses related to business, project and team communication skills.

Advanced course work includes training in database management, Mac, Windows and Linux servers, networking, routing, security, and virtualization. This program also provides the foundation for many industry certifications through Microsoft, COMPTIA, CISCO, and Dell/EMC.

The program offers certificate pathways that can be taken as stand-alone courses or lead to the Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree. The AAS degree prepares students to transition successfully into select Bachelor’s degree programs at Washington State 4-year universities. Students who successfully transfer and meet entry requirements will be granted junior standing.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills necessary in information technology.
  • Exemplify professional and ethical behaviors required to perform effectively as an information technology team member within an organization.
  • Implement critical thinking skills to provide sound solutions for information technology issues.
  • Commit to lifelong learning, including anticipation and adaptation to ever-changing business and technology environments.
  • Demonstrate an integrated, comprehensive proficiency in the content area of information technology; and apply this knowledge to the real world. 

Two Pathways to Choose From!


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Certificate Programs

  • Network Support
  • Technical Support


Admission Process

Welcome to the Networking & Cyber Security program! You are about to begin a new and exciting career pathway.

The Program Course List (DOC) is used to guide you through the selection of courses each quarter. It is vital that you take the courses at the right time and in the right sequence. Your program advisor, one of the NCS program faculty, will help you select courses each quarter.

Courses are offered in afternoon or evening. Some of the program courses are offered online or Saturday. This is not a full online program, core courses hands on and offered in class.

To begin, make sure you performed the following steps:

  • Perform TCC Registration and Enrollment Process, see Getting Started. If you have questions about the enrollment process and completing the prerequisite courses, contact Advising in Bldg. 7 or by phone at 253.566.6091.
  • Email the Program Chair ( your unofficial transcripts for review. If you have industry level certifications, email the documents to the Program Chair for review. Some certifications can be used to challenge courses in the program.
  • Visit Advising in Building 7 and request to be added to the Networking & Cyber Security Program. While at Advising ask to be assigned to the NCS Program Chair as your Advisor.
  • Enroll in classes:  Email your NCS faculty advisor a list of classes you propose to enroll in the next quarter before registration begins. Your NCS faculty advisor will approve the courses, offer recommendations, and provide entry codes if needed. Only NCS faculty can provide entry codes to IT courses.

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Program Faculty

Sergio Hernandez, Program Chair
Bldg. 16-223

Jeremy Sims, Faculty
Bldg. 16-320