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Do you have college and career goals? It's so important for you to connect with an advisor as soon as possible in order to meet your goals and complete your program on time. Our advising staff can assist you with an academic plan to achieve your educational and career goals. Every student is assigned an Advising Center advisor or a faculty advisor from their major discipline.


Explore your options

Still trying to map out your future? Meet with an academic advisor or counselor to discuss academic and career opportunities. Or, you may know what degree you want to earn at TCC, but need help understanding what classes to take and when. We can help you chart the right course.


Plan for the future

When you’re ready to take the next step to transfer a four-year college or university, contact us for help with a smooth transition. We can also help you plan for a new career, or help you advance in your current career with one of our 29 professional/technical certificate programs.


Incoming transfer students

If you’re transferring coursework to TCC from another college, please submit your official transcripts for evaluation. This helps your advisor recommend the right classes for you. Need to submit an unofficial transcript? Email

Stay on track

Working with an academic advisor can help you stay on track and make informed decisions about your future. They can also connect you to opportunities and resources across campus.

The Advising Center can assist you with:

  • Degree exploration
  • Course planning
  • Degree and general education requirements
  • Academic policies, regulations, and petitions
  • Options if you are having academic difficulty
  • Incoming student transfers and transcripts
  • Outgoing student transfers and transcripts

Undecided on a Major or Program of Study?

Consider utilizing the resources at TCC's Career Center!


Advising Center Zoom Lobby

The TCC Advising Center Zoom Lobby allows you to use instant messaging, voice chat, or even video conferencing to speak with us in real time. 

This lobby can assist you with general questions, provide assistance in scheduling appointments with advisors, help with changing your program of study or degree, and help you locate resources online.  The online Advising Zoom lobby is staffed with Advising Department Student Peer Advocates and speaking directly with an Academic Advisor is on a limited available basis. Academic Advisors may not be available during all scheduled times.*

  • Registration for Summer 2021 Quarter and Fall Quarter 2021 opens up for current students May 11th - 14th (students can check their ctcLink account to see their exact date and time).
  • New students can register for classes beginning May 17th.

*These advisors do not assist with questions about the Running Start program. For information about Running Start, please visit the Running Start page.




9AM to 10:30AM  &  3PM to 5:00PM

No advisors available. Student Peer Advocates available to answer general questions only.

Tuesday - Thursday 
9AM to 10:30AM  &  3PM to 5:00PM

Advisors available. Can answer questions about registration, degrees, and assist new incoming students and continuing students.


By Phone

You may also call in to the Zoom Lobby at 253-215-8782. 

If you choose to call the Zoom Lobby by phone, make sure to enter the Meeting ID: 881 182 0140

Call: 253-215-8782

By Email

You have the option of emailing the General Advising Account as well at .


However, if there is a specific advisor that you'd like to speak to, please email that advisor directly using their information found below.


Book an Appointment!

Connecting With an Advisor has Never Been Easier

Contact an advisor by booking a one-on-one Zoom appointment with them!

You may also reach out to an advisor by sending them an email.

Health iconDeAndré Holmes


Specialties: Allied Health


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Health iconSamantha Olson


Specialties: Allied Health


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Health iconCristy Yanos


Specialties: Allied Health


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STEM icon  Jennifer Keyes


Specialties: STEM majors



Steve Fontana

Director of Advising



TCC Business Program Icon

TCC Allied Health Programs Icon Cassie Knipfing

Workforce Advisor

Specialties: Prof-Tech majors


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People & Communities iconKatlyn Mataya


Specialties: Education, and Prof-Tech majors


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Melody Griggs

Gig Harbor Campus Advisor



People & Communities iconArt icon Chris Stancich


Specialties: Art, and IT majors


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TCC to UWT  logo

Lindsey Kealoha

Transfer Advisor for University of Washington - Tacoma

Advisor Competencies and Responsibilities: From the Full Advisory Training Manual (PDF)

Advisor Competencies and Responsibilities(components from Learning Abstracts: Solutions–Adjuncts as Academic Advisors by Maribeth E. Anderson; and Washington Academic Advising Coalition)

  1. To be a successful academic advisor, all advisors should possess or acquire the following advising competencies and fulfill the following responsibilities.
  2. Understand and support the college’s philosophy and mission
  3. Know the college’s educational programs and requirements
  4. Be familiar with regional articulation policies and procedures
  5. Know and understand the student population and be able to identify obstacles that prohibit student success
  6. Inform students about and encourage the use of college and community resources and services
  7. Assist and support students in identifying, clarifying, and developing academic, career and personal goals to promote independence and student success
  8. Interpret and clarify assessments, including both academic measures and career assessments
  9. Assist students in the their selection of courses by reviewing degree completion requirements for their program and reviewing available data about the students’ academic needs, personal development, and career goals
  10. Evaluate and monitor students’ academic progress and success toward established goals
  11. Possess basic computer knowledge on software applications needed for the position, student management systems, and electronic advising and registration resources
  12. Demonstrate completion of a Masters Degree in Student Development or related field, or a Bachelors Degree and significant student services experience, especially in academic advising
  13. Have a working knowledge and exposure to student development theory as it relates to academic advising
  14. Demonstrate competency in basic communication and listening skills and have an understanding of various learning styles
  15. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  16. Possess the skills necessary to collaborate successfully with faculty, staff, and students as part of a student development team